Our Voices: Victoria from NPH Guatemala

Victoria was 10-years-old when she joined NPH. She now studies Business Administration while working at NPH Guatemala. In her Our Voices letter, she expresses her gratitude to donors, sponsors and caregivers.
January 28, 2021 - Guatemala

Victoria outside her NPH Guatemala, Casa San Andres.

Dear the World!

My name is Victoria. I am excited and honored to write this letter as a member and representative of the NPH family in Guatemala. I became part of the family 24-years-ago, when I was just 10-years-old. I am now part of the administration staff at Casa San Andres.

I have had the best experiences of my life in the extended NPH family; experiences that have helped me mature and understand the many things that occur in our lives. One of the most enriching experiences was obtaining a scholarship to study English and leadership in Seattle, as part of the Seattle Institute. It was the first time that I had left my country and NPH for an extended period of time. The scholarship was a 10-month journey, exploring another culture, another way of life and another language. It was a pretty intense process, but this experience helped me to evolve and appreciate all the things that life gives us.

During my stay in Seattle, I met many people with big hearts, who in one way or another support the big family of NPH. I met several godparents of children at NPH Guatemala and the other eight countries. I met donors and former volunteers from all the different homes. Thanks to this opportunity in Seattle, after my return to Guatemala, I have had the privilege of visiting other states of the USA to support our fundraising programs. These experiences have left a very important mark on my life, because I was able to meet many kindhearted people who help the NPH family to continue growing and help the most vulnerable children in our countries.

Currently I am in the last phase at university to obtain my Bachelors degree in Business Administration, which has been delayed by the COVID-19 crisis. Things have changed a lot in Guatemala and there are many people without work, many children without school and many people with nothing to eat. The situation is difficult in many other places too. This drastic change that we are experiencing has taught me to be stronger. Being a Hermana Mayor [Elder Sister], I have a duty to support my NPH brothers and sisters who have experienced great challenges during the pandemic, as some have lost their jobs and have families. It is important to know that all this makes us stronger and more human because we need to walk in the shoes of those who are really suffering and help them to overcome this crisis. All this chaos will pass and reunite us even more, so must we move forward with our families and the people around us.

For me, the support from our godparents is very important. Thanks to them, many children, youths and adolescents have the opportunity to study, have a roof over their head, food, health and a family that supports him or her unconditionally to the end. At NPH, I have had the opportunity to meet some of my godparents which made me a more responsible person and committed me to appreciate everything they give us, especially education, which is necessary to break the circle of poverty in which we found ourselves. In one opportunity, I had the pleasure of meeting a family in Boston who is very committed helping the NPH family and they opened their homes to us as a Host Family. This family stay was the best and I identified with them so much and was very well received. Their love towards the children, youths and adolescents at NPH is immense and I thank God that He puts people like them, with such a big heart, on the path leading to NPH: people who help every day, so everything necessary can be provided to each child.

In these difficult times we are passing through as a society and a family, I would like to spread a warm thank you to all the Tios and Tias [NPH caregivers], donors, volunteers, godparents and to all those who without hesitation support the great NPH family. I know that it is very difficult for everyone and that a thank you cannot pay back for everything you have done. Many Tios and Tias are sacrificing time with their families in order to cover the needs of the home and many donors and sponsors are making an extra effort to continue supporting this great cause.

So from our deepest hearts, we want to thank you for your effort. I know that the almighty God will reward you all for your efforts.

”So do not fear, because I am with you; do not be distressed, because I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will hold you with my right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10

Thank you,


The name has been changed to protect the privacy of the youth.

Support the NPH family as a donor or a godparent. Contact your local NPH office to see how you can help.

University Student and Godchild at NPH Guatemala




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