NPH Guatemala Participates in TV Game-Show

Staff from NPH Guatemala appeared on national television as participants on the prime-time family game-show Soñando en Familia – Dream In Family.
December 15, 2020 - Guatemala

The NPH Guatemala team with the presenters, Ricardo Garcia Santander and Melissa Castellanos, of the game-show, "Soñando en Familia"

National Director Jose Orlando Ramos and members of the NPH Guatemala team took center stage on the game-show "Soñando en Familia" – Dream In Family – in the first week of June, winning a welcome cash prize for the home, as well as tell national audiences throughout Guatemala about the NPH family.

"Soñando en Familia" is a lighthearted show, where participants go head-to-head taking part in fun quizzes and activities, while incorporating dreams, emotional and inspiring stories told by Guatemalan families with a party atmosphere, hosted by Ricardo Garcia Santander and Melissa Castellanos. The show has been running since 2017 and is in its third series on Guatevisión, which had national and international coverage through its TV and internet platform, with airs Monday to Friday at 8 p.m., with the outcome of the stories and rewarding 15,000 Queztales, approximately US$1,952, to the winning family taking place at the end of the week.

However, the game-show has taken a new turn during the COVID-19, allowing NGOs such as NPH Guatemala, which deliver humanitarian aid to vulnerable people in rural and marginalized areas of the capital city, that due to the pandemic, have hit very critical times. To date 24 organizations have participated since the pandemic began.

The NPH Guatemala team consisted of Otto Aragón, general accountant, Julissa Alvarenga, visitor and Volunteer coordinator, and of course Jose Orlando Ramos, affectionately known as Tio Orlando, where they contested against MOJOCA, an organization that works with youths living on the streets in Guatemala from 1 to 5 June, where they took part in a range of activities, such as such as quizzes on general culture, entertainment, geography and history, as well as tests on numerical ability, mental agility, memory, logic, and singing and dancing skills, among others.

Evelyn Gómez, head of the Marketing Team, Strategic Alliances, at NPH Guatemala, says, "I found out that social organizations were participating in the program, so contacted the director of the channel to participate in the family show and they gave us the space. We had to provide information about what we do and who we are. It was great to see our team do so well. Everyone at NPH Guatemala is so proud of them.

"The first prize is Q. 15,000 and the second prize is Q. 5,000.00, but MOJOCA decided to share the prize and each organization won Q. 10,000 [approximately US$1,300]. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to raise awareness of NPH throughout Guatemala and for audiences to learn more about our programs supporting some of the most vulnerable populations in the country."

National Director, Tio Orlando, adds, "It was a unique experience. At the beginning, I was feeling nervous. It was my first time on TV and in a contest. But it was an excellent experience, sharing with other people who do the same as us and who also have the same challenges during this difficult time.

"It was exciting to represent NPH, make our family visible on TV and other networks. I am also motivated to read the messages of support from many people, staff, Hermanos Mayores, donors and friends," smiles Tio Orlando, "It gave us a lot more coverage in Guatemala City, which is important being a financial hub, not just in the country, but also for Central America.

"I was even more motivated to return home and receive support from our children at NPH. They told me, 'Everyone was watching you every day on the TV!' I could feel the pride of belonging to this great family, and in this difficult time, bringing joy and a unique experience to the NPH family, and also many families outside NPH who know us and are very happy to see us," concludes National Director, Orlando Ramos.

Tio Orlando also thanks colleagues Otto Aragón and Julissa Alvarenga for their participation.

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Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer




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