Our Voices: April from NPH Guatemala

As part of the NPH Our Voices series, April from NPH Guatemala shares her thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic and the joys of reading letters from Godparents.
October 28, 2020 - Guatemala

April at Casa San Andres, NPH Guatemala.

Dear the World,

I came to NPH when I was 5-years-old. I came with my older sister and my younger sister. Since then, everything became a new stage in my life.

I remember beautiful and unique experiences, like every time we celebrated birthdays, then NPH would take us on trips where we learned more about the cultures of our country. I remember my quinceañera [15th birthday celebration] was a great joy in my life.

I remember the joy of receiving the letters from our godparents; the sponsorship department would call us to pick them up, we would run with excitement to read them, and then write back as well, to ask them how they are and how grateful we were that they cared for us. No matter the distance, it touched our hearts that they thought of us.

Godparents will always be the seed that bloom within us. They help us to be able to be better people with each word of motivation.

Over time, I have continued to grow up and keep adapting myself. NPH opened the doors for me; it became my family since I arrived. I always said that it is not a home; it is my FAMILY! NPH has oriented me in my Christian beliefs, my personal and moral values, and principles that make me a better person, but above all it has given me an education.

I am currently 26-years-old and I am studying Pedagogy for Secondary Education and Bachelor's Degree in Educational Administration at the University of San Carlos (USAC), where I am in my second year. During the week, I support the house management and I am committed to helping the smaller children inside the Casa San Andrés home.

I belong to the university program and that makes me very happy. I am proud of the person I am today and I believe and know that being part of the NPH family has been a blessing for me. I had the opportunity to participate in a personal development and leadership workshop with NPH International which helped me to grow personally and to discover more about society, community, family and friends.

I understand that opportunities come and go, and that things in life happen for a reason, especially with what we are seeing today with the COVID-19 pandemic, which changes so many things in our lives.

In Guatemala, things have changed in a very drastic way. People do not have much to eat and many are unemployed. There are also people that do not comply with the restricted measures. Some don’t believe what is really happening and they don’t take care of themselves. These are people who do the contrary and think that everything is wrapped up in a lie. Currently they have lifted the measures that had been proposed by the government of Guatemala. Now we must all take care of ourselves even more. I think that many people in Guatemala are afraid, but even if they are afraid, they do not really know how to properly protect themselves.

It is not easy to be far away from our own family and not be able to visit them. Personally, I consider that it is important to take preventive measures and that is why I invite each person who reads this letter to take care of your health. Do not panic; yes, we are afraid, and yes, it is serious and not easy for everyone what is affecting us worldwide, but it is not impossible either. It is in our hands to fight this unexpected pandemic. That is why we have to be more responsible citizens for the good of the family, the country and ourselves.

To conclude, I want to thank each of you godparents, benefactors and donors who make it possible that we can have food on a plate and medical services every day. You are always aware of each of the children and youths in each NPH home. I have nothing left but to thank you through this letter for everything you make possible so that each day we can be better people reaching our goals and being able to contribute to the society.

I want to thank each one of the caregivers, medical personnel, staff, administration and director for being with us in these difficult times while leaving your family for 8, 15 or more days. I know it is not easy at all. But like mentioned above, God will take care of your families for doing such a valuable act of caring day for day for each of the children.

May God greatly bless each of you and your family. A strong hug from distance. One word for all: STRENGTH...



*Names changed to protect child’s privacy.

Interested in becoming a Godparent of one of promising young adults at NPH? Visit your local NPH office to see how you can help.

Godchild and University Student




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