Year in Review: NPH Guatemala Strengthens Local Communities

From building houses for volcano victims to building a childcare center for single mothers, see how NPH Guatemala continued to grow in 2019.
February 4, 2020 - Guatemala

The ribbon is cut amid an outpouring of emotion as Casas Hope officially opens.

Success no. 1: A Stronger Presence in the Community

In 2019, NPH Guatemala reaffirmed its commitment to a series of community aid projects initiated by the eruption of Volcano of Fire (Volcán de Fuego or Chi Q'aq') in Guatemala in June 2018. Last year efforts shifted from disaster relief to the cultivation of community relationships at the organizational level.

Through coordinated efforts, donations and resources were directed to municipal police departments, National Civil Police, local health clinics, and hospitals in the regions of Chimaltenango and Sacatepequez. Donated items include banks of chairs for waiting areas, medical scales and curtains, and household items like refrigerators, microwaves, and folding tables. 2019 also saw NPH Guatemala team up with the NGO Constru Casa Guatemala, whose Casas Hope project designed and constructed over a dozen homes for families impacted by Volcán de Fuego activity.

NPH Guatemala directed more than US$16,000 in funds to this initiative, which were used to purchase construction materials including flooring, windows, and material for rainwater collection basins. NPH Guatemala’s leadership views these donations as investments in crucial regional infrastructure. Furthermore, the home plans to redouble efforts to cultivate similar relationships with local relief corps and nongovernmental organizations in coming years.

To learn more about the program, read "NPH Guatemala helps homeless volcano victims find shelter and encouragement."

Success no. 2: Enhancing NPH’s reputation nationwide

In 2019, the leadership of NPH Guatemala emphasized promoting the home as an organization of social change, not only at the municipal level, but also at the national level. National Director Orlando Ramos worked with the National Adoption Council (Consejo Nacional de Adopciones or CNA) to highlight our commitment to the protection and rights of Guatemalan children, as well as to coordinate efforts to work on quality standards for children's residential care and for girls in social risk situations.

Ramos represented NPH at a workshop dedicated to the issue of the transnational migration crisis. NPH's objective was to participate in a study at the municipal level and contribute to a situational analysis with community leaders. Ramos reaffirmed NPH's commitment to the community, while empowering and educating future generations. Through these and other actions, NPH Guatemala is positioning itself as a vehicle for positive change in a country hungry for solutions and positive action.

These two successes support the broader strategic plan of NPHI, not only highlighting our proactive approach to the local community, but also defending the rights of children who come from difficult economic backgrounds by striving to provide quality programs that ensure the healthy development.

Furthermore, NPH Guatemala worked to adhere to government guidelines. The home opened its doors to a consulting firm hired by the National Adoption Council (with input from UNICEF) to cooperate on a plan for the deinstitutionalization of children, with NPH Guatemala and its One Family program serving as a model home.

Success no. 3: Single mothers get critical childcare support

NPH Guatemala opened the doors to a new cost-free childcare center for single mothers, known as CCID (Centro de Cuidado Infantil Diario or Daily Childcare Center), on 9 January 9 2019.

CCID presently provides 21 children ages two to four from the nearby community of Parramos with an integrated education centered on NPH’s guiding principles and values. The program is intended to bring early childhood education to the forefront while taking pressure off single working mothers who have scarce economic resources.

The program underscores NPH Guatemala's commitment to local families and the community. Long term the program is expected to grow. Future initiatives are in the works for expansion of the facility and revitalization of existing CCID services.

To learn more about the program, read "NPH Opens a Day Care for Single Working Mothers."

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Spencer Cappelli   
Communications Officer, NPH Guatemala




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