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A wonderful young lady who is currently in her year of service.
June 22, 2018 - Guatemala

Emma in the NPH Sewing Workshop.

Emma* is a 20-year-old girl – idealistic, full of life. Her personality radiates a joy and desire to succeed. "I am very social and I like to get along with all people," she says smiling. She is currently in her year of service – where NPH children give a year of work after high school to gain professional skills and help the family that helped raise them – and is preparing to go to college.

As part of her academic formation, NPH gave her the opportunity to learn a trade and to develop her technical and intellectual skills through the "Vocational Workshops." These programs provide youths with practical training in a variety of different trades, while also improving their interpersonal relationships.

According to a report from the University San Carlos Guatemala (USAC), 6 out of 10 young people finish primary school and only 1 in 6 go to university – the percentage of graduates corresponds to 5% of those enrolled annually.

In addition, Guatemala is considered a young country, but with few job opportunities, an average unemployment rate of 3.2% is estimated among young people between the ages of 16 and 24 years old, according to a report by the International Labor Organization. Emma shares her experience in the Vocational Workshops through an interview.

1. What are the Vocational Workshops and how many courses did you take?

"In the workshops we learn a trade, according to our abilities or what we like. I participated in three, kitchen, sewing and handmade soaps"

2. Which workshop did you like the most?

"My favorite workshop was sewing, because I learned how to repair my own clothes. I made quilts and dresses, and it was one of the best"

3. What was the most important thing you learned in the workshops?

"I learned to value more than just material things. The best thing about workshops is to work for my brothers: In the workshop we repaired their clothes, and we made sheets and even uniforms."

4. How will the Vocational Workshops help you in life?

"To find a job and have more opportunities, because completing high school is not enough."

5. What message would you give to young people who have no interest in participating in a Vocational Workshop?

"They are missing out on a great opportunity and should take advantage of this chance. They should think that in the future they could even support their family, and it will also help them fulfill their dreams and goals."

6. What are your dreams?

"My dreams are to graduate from university in Linguistic Sciences, have a YouTube channel and have a foundation to help animals."

7. How has NPH contributed to fulfilling your dreams?

"It has given me every possible opportunity: scholarships, technical training, and now work experience in my year of service."

That is why it is very important for NPH to provide the youth with the necessary tools and prepare them to face the social, economic and political challenges in Guatemala.

* Name changed for privacy purposes.

Sofia López   
Communcation Officer




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