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NPH supports families from the community so that they can stay together.
September 7, 2017 - Guatemala

The Family Sanchez*

Here at NPH Guatemala we not only offer a safe environment for our children who live in the home, we also support families in the local community.

We found a way to keep families together. Families who did not have the resources to meet their children’s basic needs now have additional support from NPH, including but not limited to financial aid for education, healthcare, food, uniforms, shoes, and many times transportation. With this support, they are able to welcome back their children and raise them within their very own home.

The Sanchez* family lives in the Parajbey community in Guatemala. The mother, father, four children and grandmother all live together. Their faith is a paramount, core value for the family. In the father’s eyes, it is also essential that his children can go to school.

The two older siblings, Jimmy*, 11, and Melinda*, 14, actually moved into the NPH Guatemala home in February of 2016. The parents knew their family lacked the resources to meet their children’s basic needs, and they asked for NPH’s support. But in November of the same year, under this new program that made it possible for NPH to support the children through providing support to the family, it became possible to reunite Jimmy and Melinda with their biological family.

Thinking back to when Melinda arrived at NPH Guatemala in 2016, she felt lonely and sad the first days when she arrived at the home because she was so far away from her family. Prayer and her strong faith helped get her through these difficult times. As she spent more time in the home and made friends with the girls, she felt much better and began to feel more at home. Melinda was enrolled in the first year of NPH’s secondary school. Her favorite classes were Accounting, Communication & Language, and Kaq Chikel, the Mayan Language.

Returning to her parents and grandmother, she now attends a local school. She shares that she studies with her friends when the homework is too difficult (and she has quite a bit of homework)! She is doing well though - she obtained almost perfect grades in physical education and homework, and her overall grades were average. In the future she says that she wants to work at a bank.

Jimmy went to the third grade of primary school here at NPH, and now attends fourth grade at a new school. He too is very happy to be back with his family. He enjoys music and plays the flute. Jimmy absolutely loves to study and learn new things. His favorite classes are English and Computer class, but his best grades are in Mathematics and Art. Jimmy told me that before, he used to go to the mountains to carry firewood, but now he doesn’t go because he knows that homework is more important. In the future, his dream is to become an architect.

While cherishing great memories living in the NPH home, both Jimmy and Melinda are happy to be back with their two younger brothers, grandmother, mother and father! NPH will continue to stay in close touch and provide support.

*Names changed due to privacy purposes.

Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer




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