Celebrating 196 Years of Independence in Guatemala

The month of September stands for the Independence of Guatemala from the Spanish conquerors in 1821.
October 24, 2017 - Guatemala

The honored students at NPH Guatemala

Nowadays Guatemalans celebrate their independence with dancing, music, parades, food and fireworks. At the Educational Center of NPH Guatemala, the celebrations began on September 1st. In a ceremony of honors, the students with the highest academic achievement and conduct received the band of honor and a certificate to remember.

The following week, each grade from the Pre-Primary Montessori School to Secondary, or High School, performed rhythmic gymnastics where they demonstrated their group talent in the form of pyramid figures and artistic dance choreography. The most impressive presentation was elected by the committee to participate in the rhythmic gymnastics festival in Itzapa.

Later that week, we had a gathering at the Educational Center of NPH Guatemala and proudly welcomed other schools from the surrounding communities. Nine school bands came to NPH and presented their favorite musical composition in front of a big amazed crowd of visitors, friends and family.

The next week, we started the Independence celebrations with a cultural morning on Monday the 11th, where each Montessori grade prepared typical Guatemalan meals and drinks in the form of a little street bazaar. Everybody enjoyed the little snacks that were prepared with love for them.

On Wednesday, all students of the Educational Center were invited to a water park to have some fun. At lunchtime, we prepared a barbeque to strengthen us for the traditional torch run of independence. The tradition of running through the streets and roads of the country while carrying a burning torch represents the route that the riders made when they brought the news of independence to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In that civic act, the fire of the torch represents freedom, strength, union and pride of living in a free country. Once we arrived at the schoolyard of the Educational Center at our home, we lit the bowl of fire that burned all night.

The next day, we went with the school band to Itzapa and participated in the independence parade. To the rhythm of the drums, liras, tubas and cymbals, we celebrate the 196th anniversary of the independence of Guatemala with the traditional patriotic street parade. This activity was an excellent opportunity to present NPH to the town and to support the talents of the students.

The sound of the traditional bands' instruments brought the patriotic fervor to life, ending the celebrations of independence on a good note.

Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer




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