21 Years of Love and Care

Marking the 21st year of caring for and educating youth in Guatemala
December 8, 2017 - Guatemala

10 groups are ready

What better way to celebrate the great success of NPH in Guatemala over the past decades than to put on a show for the children?

Before the festival started on November 7th, children, teachers, caregivers, volunteers and employees divided into ten groups. Their team names were typical Guatemalan meals such as Pepian, Enchiladas, Subanik, Kaq Ik, Tamales, Patches, Pulique, Revolcado, Chuchitos and Fiambre. Their outfits and dances were also aligned with these themes.

After days of practicing cheers and dance routines, the teams were ready to win over the crowd with their skills. With incredible ideas of costumes, jokes and entertainment, the teams definitely impressed the crowd and the jury.

The next day, the games began. They required agility, concentration and knowledge from each member of the team from the youngest to the oldest.

The action games came to a close with a tug-of-war tournament, which stole the last bit of energy from the participants. But the day was not over. The teams recovered with a delicious dinner, rested a bit and then went dancing in the dining room!

The official anniversary of NPH Guatemala is November 11th. This year boys and girls, as well as the youngest children, went out to the surrounding villages and spent a day at different facilities to do good for the community.

The younger girls visited a retirement home, and others went to a poor community, donating clothes and playing with the children. The boys went to nearby communities and donated products.

One of the girls shared at mass that evening, “I am thankful for what we have here at NPH, realizing how difficult a life outside is for so many other children.”

On Sunday, the home celebrated 21 years of giving children a home, a family and a future by joining together for Mass and remembering the beloved NPH founder, Father William B. Wasson.

Later the winners of 'choreography' were announced: “Kaq Ik, Subanik and Tamals”, and the winners of the 'action games': “Pulique, Fiamber and Enchiladas!"

Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer




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