The Five Vocational Workshops

Gaining practical experience in the fields of carpentry, welding, baking, cooking and sewing.
June 30, 2017 - Guatemala

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Learning is easiest and most fun when an experienced person teaches you. We would like to introduce you to our professional teachers of the five workshops at NPH Guatemala.

Carpentry: Marvin works for INTECAP and has 17 years of carpentry experience. He started in the NPH workshops just last year. His goal is to teach students how to use the machines to form wooden structures, know the safety norms and to work orderly. In his workshop, the students created a corner table, a mirror frame, a rocking chair and will work on some handicrafts. Marvin loves to work with wood, since you can create the final form as you wish, without limits. He wants to pass these skills to his pupils so that they can profit from it their future. Marvin likes when the youth are interested to learn something new and feels very proud to share his experiences with them.

Cooking: Rebeca works for INTECAP and has six years of cooking experience. She is also the first Guatemalan women who learned in a molecular kitchen. She has been offering her cooking workshop for two years now. What she likes about cooking is the freedom to choose the recipe of what you wish to eat. Her specialties are working with meat, dressings and sauces. By teaching the pupils to cook delicious meals she is not only sharing her experience but also wants the kids to know and value a nutritious, healthy diet.

Sewing: Bibiana works for INTECAP and has been giving sewing courses at NPH since 2008. She likes that in the course the students are learning practical skills that they can use. The projects they work on in her sewing workshop are always related to the current need of the NPH home. This year they made a cooking apron, duvet cover, cushion cover and pajamas. Bibiana said it makes her happy as the kids are already using their knowledge at home and changing their clothes if they are too long or too wide. At the end of the workshop they will make typical Guatemalan arts and crafts.

Bakery: Maria-Antonia works for INTECAP and has 12 years of experience. She has instructed this workshop since last year at NPH Guatemala. She loves to make bread and cook; it has been her passion since she was a child. The kids learn about basic baking, making different dough and the fermentation process. Besides making a variety of products, especially for our home's very own “Family Bakery”, they will perform a final exposition where they apply their new knowledge. She wants the students to know and understand how to use baking materials and to motivate them to make delicious products.

Welding: Cipriano is our instructor of the blacksmith’s workshop. He likes the creativity he can use when working with metals. In his workshop the pupils gain experience on how to use tools and machines to form and process metals, and how to make designs with technical measurements and theoretical knowledge. He is proud to train the youth with knowledge they can use outside of NPH. The certificate they get will help them to find work in the future.

At the end of the workshops our students receive a certificate signed by INTECAP “Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad” and KINAL. INTECAP is the leading organization in professional trainings and development of human resources. Kinal is a non-profit educational center aimed at professional technical trainings of young people and adults.

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