Ester's Journey Of The Heart

Workshop Coordinator in NPH Guatemala
August 25, 2015 - Guatemala

At her desk

Ester Santizo is our Vocational Workshop Coordinator. She studied business administration and graduated with a degree also in law and economics. Before coming to work in NPH she was advisor for an organization that is dedicated to the development of the neediest communities in Guatemala. It is easy to see that she has always liked helping people.

When I asked why she applied to work at NPH Esther answered,

“When I was a child there was a day when I happened to be returning home and I saw some children without clothes playing in the street... I was very sad about their condition, and I suddenly had so many questions that I could not answer. In my mind I always had an idea for my future that included helping or to being part of a home for children. Time went by and a week before applying for NPH I remembered that early image and my desire to work here increased. My desire to work at NPH seemed almost like a dream. As I learned more about pequeños I really wanted to be a part of such a noble organization”.

Ester’s experiences in working with us is self-proclaimed as the best learning experiences of her life and she feels admiration from the smallest baby of the house to a young college student. Today, many lives have changed thanks to Father Wasson pursuing a dream and bringing it into a reality. It is that spiritual atmosphere at NPH, which leads her to find herself satisfied. When she returns home she is always carrying thoughts of gratitude that she can also share with her daughters and her husband.

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