Sharing the Beautiful Mayan Culture at NPH Guatemala

One teacher shares her knowledge about the Mayan culture and language with our students!
May 17, 2017 - Guatemala

Teacher Florinda at the board

The teacher of Mayan culture and language, Florinda, grew up in a village called San Juan Comalapa, a municipality in the department of Chimaltenango. The village is called Chi-Xot in the indigenous language, which means 'comales' in Spanish.

Comal is a griddle made from sandstone or earthenware used to cook tortillas. Florinda learned the language of Kaqchikel from childhood at her parents' house, continued to learn at a bilingual school and continued pursuing her interests by studying Mayan Culture and the language Kaqchikel at the University Maya Kaqchikel. Since 2012, Florinda has been teaching Kaqchikel here at the School of NPH and also works in the school's library.

I asked her why it is important for her to teach the Mayan language Kaqchikel: “It is important for our young generations to know the roots of where we come from. The Cosmo Vision Maya represents the fundamental basis of human beings. We should not forget about the richness of our ancient culture, the costumes, the food, the customs and the values we achieved.”

In her classes, she doesn't only teach about how the ancestors spoke back in the days, or that Guatemala was the territory of tribes and kingdoms - but she also teaches the values of the culture, such as sharing and helping one other. The ancestors of Guatemala respected their family and tribe first, they also knew to respect nature as for them everything is life; water is life, fire is life, wind and earth are life. It's also interesting for the kids to know that many people still speak Kaqchikel in the streets and in the markets.

The teacher Florinda gives classes in Mayan culture and the language Kaqchikel to all three Grades: pre-primary Montessori school, primary school and basic school, two to three times a week. Thanks to the teacher Florinda, the students are learning about where they come from, while at the same time learning about the fundamental values which form a peaceful society in respect of each other and our natural resources.

Thomas Hartig   
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