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Spending Time with Family

Family Projects are incredible opportunities to gather family siblings, have a good time and share stories.
October 17, 2017 - Guatemala

Is there enough cheese?

At NPH Guatemala, volunteers have the pleasure to regularly meet up with siblings living in the home and spend time with them. Every volunteer plans an activity two times a month with the siblings.

Brothers and sisters live in different homes, and older siblings sometimes are already in high school or year of service, or studying and living in the city outside of the home. 'Family Project' provides a good way for the kids to unite and enjoy time with their brothers and sisters.

These projects usually take place in the home of NPH and can be an activity like watching a movie, playing games, doing crafts, cooking and eating a meal together, or doing an outside activity like going into town and enjoying ice cream in the park.

As a volunteer in the home, one of my first Family Projects was with the two brothers Roy* and Jesus*, who have been in the home of NPH Guatemala for one and a half years. They improved their relationship significantly during this time. At school both of them do well, but share with me that they would like to do better.

When I asked them what they would like to do together they screamed: “Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!” So I bought the ingredients, and asked at the bakery if we can use the oven to make a pizza. During the preparation, the brothers had a lot of fun with the dough and probably a little too much fun with the flour! As we all became hungry while the first pizza was in the oven, Roy and Jesus kept me asking about food in Germany, since I am from there. I told them about the famous “Schnitzel” we have there and that we eat a lot of potatoes in Germany. They were very curious about, if in other countries the people always eat beans, like they do, which was quite funny.

In the bakery, little by little the aroma of melted cheese and baked ham filled the air. The pizza was ready! After our fun conversation about different foods, we enjoyed our delicious, homemade pizza. It felt good to fill up our stomachs and when I showed them the donuts I brought for dessert, they each wore big smiles on their faces. I was happy that these brothers shared such a nice time together!

*Names changed due to privacy purposes.

Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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