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The Story of a Boy who Gives Hope

Bringing a message of hope to those around him.
November 22, 2017 - Guatemala

Wilmer and National Director Orlando

Wilmer is 27 years old and arrived at the NPH Guatemala family in 2001 when he was 11 years old.

Originally from the poor region of Petén close to the Mexican border, Wilmer, his brother, and his sister grew up in the house of their grandparents.

One day in 1999, while he was playing in the woods with his brother, he was accidentally shot by hunters who were following an escaping deer. The bullet hit Wilmer badly and left him in critical condition.

He was brought to the hospital in Guatemala City, where he had an emergency operation but stayed in coma for more than two months. When he awoke, he had lost his ability to move.

At the beginning he didn’t understand how serious the accident was. “I thought I was just sick, like I had a bad fever and in a few days I would be healthy again!” Wilmer remembers how he felt. He also asked his family what was going on with him, but they couldn’t give him good answers, as they also didn’t really understand the depth of the situation.

Back with his grandparents, they didn't have any wheelchairs or crutches. “I remember that I loved to play football but as I wanted to get up to go outside to play, I couldn’t move my legs.”

His grandparents had to carry Wilmer, and helped him with everything, Wilmer shares. One year later, as they struggled a lot with the health situation of their grandson, Wilmer went to the hospital in Petén where a nurse attentively saw him. That nurse knew NPH Guatemala and how his family needed help. She informed the social workers of NPH Guatemala, who then opened their arms to Wilmer and his siblings, who then arrived at NPH in 2001.

At the home of NPH, Wilmer finally received the important physical and psychological therapies he needed so much. In 2004, Wilmer started school in 3rd grade of primary school and finished high school with excellent grades before serving in his years of service to NPH. He started studying in Antigua and graduated in 2011 with the degree of Managerial Administration. In 2012, Wilmer did his second service year and established the previous NPH “mygoodshop” website for Guatemala, while also assisting in other projects of the NPH Guatemala home.

Wilmer was then invited to Barcelona to receive intensive physical therapy treatments from specialists. He worked hard every day on his motoric movements, and on the weekends he visited with many people who wanted to know more about him and NPH. “Thanks to those specialists and their efforts everything in my life changed, I regained strength, hope, and most importantly, independence in my daily life!” he says. He thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet people and know the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Wilmer remembers Barcelona as another world he used to know. Everything was accessible for disabled people, which allowed him to travel by himself by buses. “That made me feel really free”, he happily looks back.

Back in Guatemala in 2013, he went to the University of Rafael Landivar and studied Business Administration. He did his third year of service in the Sponsorship department. Wilmer also started to learn English online. But his medical situation worsened because he spent too much time sitting in a chair. Wilmer needed to take a break from his studies and daily routine. In 2015, he went to the United States with a team of NPH people to present his heart-touching story and the success NPH gave him in front of big audience in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona.

In the future, Wilmer wants to become a businessman that sells business concepts. He and his brother have a dream that together they will own a café, where people come and enjoy their time to relax or work online. At school, he also specialized in Neuro-Marketing, and currently, he is part of Marketing Team of NPH Guatemala and does speeches of hope in the capital city.

He is certain to bring hope to others as he has brought to the NPH Family.

Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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