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How NPH Guatemala is helping a young man through the complications of kidney stones.
March 16, 2019 - Guatemala

Paulino and his family are thankful for the check-ins of the NPH Guatemala team.

Paulino and his five brothers and sisters joined the NPH Guatemala family in January 2007, due to scarce economic resources and limited opportunities for his family in their community.

Now he is 16 years old and part of the NPH OneFamily program: He has reintegrated into his biological family and continues to receive educational, food, and healthcare support from NPH. He receives regular visits from NPH’s social workers to monitor his progress in many different areas as he and his family readjust to his move back home.

One important area where these check-ins are necessary is in regard to his health. In August 2018, Paulino was diagnosed with kidney stones and receives medical attention from NPH.

One day Paulino was helping with household chores when he began to feel a strong pain. At first he did not think much of it, but the pain persisted, so he visited NPH’s clinic. The doctor’s diagnosis of kidney stones surprised him.

"Before the diagnosis, I had never heard of kidney stones, but now I'm constantly thinking about it. All I want is to be healthy," says Paulino.

After numerous medical examinations and lab tests, it was determined that the best option for him is to have surgery. Then, with the necessary care, Paulino can have a better quality of life.

"Kidney stones do not have a definite cause, although some factors can increase the risk of having them: dehydration, diet, etc. The pain caused by kidney stones can be intensely painful and limit the patient's daily routine. In this case, surgery is necessary,” explains Dr. Lauren Gómez, NPH Guatemala’s full-time doctor.

When Paulino lived at NPH Guatemala, he was an active participant in all of the athletic activities offered. Now, he is limited in what he can do physically, but remains motivated with a positive attitude.

"I am very grateful for all that NPH has done for me and my brothers and sisters. What I most want is to work and study peacefully, to show that no matter what the circumstances, I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.”

The surgery will be performed at a hospital in Guatemala City. But to perform the surgery, the hospital requires blood donors. Fortunately, in this area, Paulino’s NPH family has again stepped up to help.

"I will be a blood donor because this is an opportunity to help, and I hope Paulino can recover soon. I want his family to know that they are not alone,” says Auxiliadora, a young adult who is growing up at NPH Guatemala and is serving as our sponsor assistant for her internship year.

Paulino feels enthusiastic and positive about his future. With NPH’s support, he will have the surgery and then be able to follow his dream of studying to be a systems engineer.

Children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Sofia López   
Communcation Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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