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Education is Key to Escaping the Cycle of Poverty

Clarita lives with her family near Parramos and loves attending Montessori School at NPH.
August 9, 2017 - Guatemala

Clarita* going to School

The Santizo* family are originally from the area Baja Verapaz in the middle of Guatemala, but the mother and father decided to move away from their hometown when their daughter Clarita* was born. Jobs are few and far between in Baja Verapaz, and almost everybody lives off of their own farm or garden.

With the dream of building a better life for their family, seven years ago the Santizo's moved to the town of Parramos. The father knew there was more job opportunity. The Santizo family just so happens to also have an uncle who used to work for NPH Guatemala. This connection opened the door in 2015 for Clarita to enroll in the Montessori school at NPH Guatemala. Her mother is thrilled that Clarita has had the chance to attend classes, learn to read and write, and also make friends in the community of Parramos.

Clarita is now seven years old, happy to go to the school and spend time with her friends. This year she will be in the first grade. She plans to keep improving her grades before third grade since currently she is in the middle of the class. Her favorite subject is the Mayan language, Kaq chikel. She is a bit shy when it comes time to answering questions or speaking her opinion in front of her classmates, but Clarita is a smart young girl and definitely has the capacity to use her voice, to continue growing and improve her skills at NPH Guatemala. When she grows up, Clarita wants to become a doctor because she likes to take care of people who are sick.

Clarita, her two-year-old brother and her parents live outside of the village of Parramos in a little wooden house. She loves to play hide and seek with her friends in the neighborhood and her favorite food is “Pepián”, a traditional, meaty, spicy stew of Guatemala.

The mother of Clarita grew up with two brothers and a sister and spoke the Maya Language “Achi”. Due to a lack of resources in Baja Verapaz, her mother actually never went to school nor learned to read and write. But now that the family lives in better economical conditions and she is currently taking reading and writing courses.

Even if they are not living in the nicest house of Parramos and don’t have the best of everything, the family is truly happy about the life they have. Clarita’s grandpa and grandma, as well as her uncles and aunts, are living nearby as well. Their family has been reunited. This is certainly an appreciated value of the Guatemalan culture - family first!

For their future, the family has the dream to work hard, so one day they can possibly afford a better house. They wish for their daughter Clarita to complete her school career here at NPH Guatemala, and to one day have good job and to lead a happy life. NPH Guatemala is honored to be part of making this dream attainable.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
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