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The Opportunity to Pursue Both Knowledge and Faith

Five siblings from the community can follow their academic track and religious traditions.
May 17, 2017 - Guatemala

Gustavo proud of his Medal at the Science Competition

At the beginning of the year, the Educational Center of NPH Guatemala received five new pupils from the town of Parramos. Gustavo*, Chaime*, Maite*, Lorenzo* and Victoria* are brothers and sisters who used to attend the public school in Parramos. All of them are among the best students and love to learn and grow. They live with two older sisters and one older brother and their parents in a house, built with the help of the Catholic church. The family, like many families here, are struggling economically and are living on the edge of minimum income.

Gustavo, 15 years old, participated at The National Science Olympiad in 2016, representing his prior school. As he left all his competitors behind and went straight to the nationwide finals of the competition at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City, he won in the science of mathematics field. His parents and siblings were very proud of him.

Due to some issues at their local school, the family decided to search for a better academic and moral environment for their children. Luckily here at NPH Guatemala, in a school inspired by the philosophy of NPH founder Father William Wasson, they feel that their views are respected.

Here at the NPH Guatemala school, Gustavo and his siblings not only found new friends, but also the possibility to keep studying and living their catholic faith. They are all very satisfied with the decision and happy that their religious view is respected and appreciated here. Gustavo quoted that he feels safe here because the students are respectful, friendly and share same thoughts. He likes the teachers and enjoys going to class. “The way of education here is respecting my beliefs. Here I can share my minds without the fear of denial. The teachers take sufficient time in their lessons. I feel heard!”

Everybody feels like they receive the attention they need. In the future Gustavo wants to study electronics and roboting, which he has a huge interest in. There is no doubt that he and also his brothers and sisters will do well in achieving their future dreams as they continue to be excellent students here at the NPH Guatemala Educational Center.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Thomas Hartig   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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