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Claudia shares how NPH support is allowing her to achieve her academic dreams.
September 2, 2018 - Guatemala

Claudia's family with the NPH OneFamily Guatemala team during one of their visits.

A high-quality high school education system must prepare students to enter the job market. However, lack of economic resources reduces the opportunities for a better future for young people in Guatemala. At NPH Guatemala, we provide a bridge of opportunities for children and adolescents who, due to various economic or social difficulties, do not have access to education.

"I really enjoyed living at NPH because of all the activities, support and affection I received. It was very nice to spend time with so many people, but I wanted to return home" - Claudia.*

Claudia is an 18-year-old in our NPH OneFamily program who lived in NPH Guatemala for eight years, and in 2016 returned to her home in the department of Sololá, two hours from NPH.

Claudia shares her experiences and dreams in an interview.

1. What was the school environment like at NPH?

“My school environment was always very fun and very good; I have always been a good student and I like to study. But although I have fun, I have always achieved my goals.”

2. Now that you have returned to Sololá, what do you like about your new school?

“What I like most is that the environment is very safe, and I feel so comfortable. The school has a great commitment to train excellent professionals. Also, they have many different trainings and activities for different career paths.”

3. What are you studying and what are your favorite subjects?

“I currently have one more year of school left to become a professional accountant. My favorite subjects are Accounting and Business Calculation: Numbers are my passion.”

4. What are your academic goals?

“My goal is to graduate from high school, and enroll in the University of San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC), because it is known as one of the best in the country. I want to study Public Auditing.”

5. Why is it important for you to continue studying?

“For me it is very important because before I did not have the opportunity to study, and now I will have more job opportunities. I can dedicate myself to what I really like so that I will be able to achieve my dreams and goals.”

6. What are your expectations for the future?

“I see my life filled with many blessings from God, achieving the profession of my dreams, and growing more as a person.”

7. How has NPH helped you fulfill your dreams?

“NPH has given me everything I need to move forward with my life: from food, clothing, and education, to love, support and feeling like part of a family again.”

People who know Claudia from her stay at NPH and at her current school note her great desire for self-improvement. "Claudia was always a very intelligent girl. She was very curious but was unrivaled academically," said Jennifer Menéndez, a Social Worker at NPH.

"Claudia is a leader in all of her class activities and has very good grades," adds Ramiro de León, School Director of Commercial Sciences of Sololá.

At NPH we are grateful that our children and adolescents have great potential to grow professionally, and with NPH we can provide them with the necessary tools.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.

Sofia López   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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