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Oct. 18
Eat Well and Live Better
The Nutrition program at NPH Guatemala keeps our kids fit and well.
Oct. 5
The Quinceañera Experience
Celebrating some very special birthdays with one fantastic fiesta.
Sep. 24
Education For All
NPH Guatemala works to educate all types of children.
Aug. 18
My First Job
An excellent new opportunity for NPH and our university students.
Aug. 17
Community Dental Clinic
How NPH Guatemala is helping local children keep healthy teeth.
Jul. 26
Meeting Mr. President
A group from NPH Guatemala get to meet their country’s leader.
Jul. 7
Sustainability at NPH Guatemala
Taking up the Zero Hunger Challenge and creating economic, environmental and social sustainability.
Jun. 25
Not Just Clowning Around
Eso Es comes to NPH Guatemala - bringing Clown Therapy and lots of love and laughter.
Jun. 25
Changes Are Happening in Guatemala
A new padre and a gift from Germany that everyone can enjoy.
May 10
Generous Godparents of NPH Guatemala
Godparents are an integral part of our family at NPH.

Search for Volunteers
We are always in need of help in raising our children.

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