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Children Stories

May 25, 2021
José Luis Barán: An NPH Graduate Committed to Zero Hunger
José Luis Barán had a tough start to life. However, through his love of farming and NPH’s help, he went to university and now implements sustainable programs to fight hunger in communities inside and outside of NPH.
Dec. 15, 2020
Belén: Christmas with my NPH Guatemala Family
Belén was sad to say goodbye to her grandmother when she first arrived at Casa San Andres over 10 years ago. Since then, NPH Guatemala has offered her a platform to turn her life around. In 2021, university beckons.
Nov. 19, 2020
From the Corn Fields to the Class Room
Daphnee grew up in a rural town at the foot of the Acatenango volcano. Although she loved her childhood a lack of financial resources left her struggling in extreme poverty. Luckily NPH Guatemala helped break that chain.
Nov. 6, 2020
From Street Life to High School
Living in a violent household forced Jon onto the streets. But when NPH Guatemala offered to give him a scholarship to re-start his education, he didn’t miss the opportunity.
Feb. 27, 2020
Disability Won’t Dampen Maricruz’s Spirit or Quell Her Quest for Independence
Intensive occupational and physical therapy plus a no-quit attitude have earned one adult with disabilities a better quality of life than she ever had before.
Dec. 6, 2019
At NPH Guatemala, Christmas is all about Family
A teenager recounts the joys of an NPH holiday and the spirit of sharing.
Sep. 19, 2019
"At NPH I reached my dream, and now I want to support others to reach their dreams, too"
Creative and hardworking, Gladys is a woman who grew up in NPH and now she helps others to discover their talents and prepares them for a better future.
Sep. 19, 2019
For one hermano mayor, NPH heals and changes mindset
Amiltón Calel, a supervisor at a prominent agricultural firm, discusses how NPH heals emotional wounds and helps children break the cycle of poverty.
Mar. 16, 2019
Continuously caring for our NPH family, no matter where they are
How NPH Guatemala is helping a young man through the complications of kidney stones.
Jan. 7, 2019
2018: A Year of Abundant Opportunities
The start of a new year is an important moment—a time to look back on the previous year and give thanks for everything that allowed it to be special. Wilmer Arias of NPH Guatemala shares his three top moments of 2018.
Dec. 8, 2018
The Christmas Gift of a Family Union
Insight from children from the NPH OneFamily program.
Nov. 6, 2018
Published Poetry Inspiring Others
One of NPH Guatemala’s oldest youths publishes his own poetry, and strives to inspire others to reach their dreams.



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