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Food for our children in Guatemala
NPH Guatemala - Nutrition (#P-GUA-16020)

One of the children having lunch in the dining room.

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™ Guatemala is home to over 300 children, many of whom come from difficult backgrounds where they did not have access to adequate care, food, shelter, education, or healthcare. When they arrive at NPH, these needs are met. Among the most important for these boys and girls from at-risk backgrounds are healthy, filling meals. Food is a critical part of our children's lives. Food empowers them with the essential vitamins and nutrients to grow, play and learn. A full stomach is a happy stomach and never is that more true than for our children, who often suffered from hunger and malnutrition before joining our family.

The NPH cooks work hard every day to ensure that the children receive nutritious, satisfying food. Three times each day, the kids from the home gather in the dining hall to share meals together. Providing a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, and grains ensures the children are receiving the most nutritious diet possible. Additionally, specialized diets are required for the most vulnerable children in the household including children under five years old, children with special needs and those who have a chronic illness.

Thank you for considering our many needs to ensure that our children grow in a healthy way. Please help us by contributing to their daily diet.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact your nearest fundraising office. Click "Sponsor Project" to give an online donation. We are very grateful for any amount you can donate.


Description Qty Donated Needed
Chicken (Pounds) 12960 Q132,894 Q-37,766
Beans (Hundredweight) 240 Q87,840 Q241
Eggs (Three dozen) 3600 Q118,880 Q-13,183
Ground Beef (Pounds) 3888 Q104,538 Q9,615
Other meat (Pounds) 1248 Q37,589 Q-947
Ham (Pounds) 1200 Q19,282 Q-1,666
Sausage (Trays of 12 units) 672 Q9,823 Q42
Hot Dogs (Package of 50) 1344 Q1,615 Q27,980
Rice (Hundredweight) 240 Q68,212 Q492
Flour tortillas (Sacks) 960 Q157,116 Q-2,093
Spaghetti 10080 Q22,787 Q-22,787
Cereal 1 Cornflakes (Box of 6 units bags) 204 Q28,115 Q336
Cereal - various (Bags) 360 Q15,087 Q768
Cereal - various (Bags) 360 Q16,247 Q-392
Milk (Sacks) 120 Q116,916 Q232
Cheese (Pounds) 3360 Q70,538 Q3,450
Cream (Liters) 1200 Q0 Q17,616
Sugar (Sacks ) 300 Q91,076 Q-793
Cooking Oil (Caneca) 240 Q65,107 Q73
Bread flour (Sacks) 240 Q0 Q68,703
Pancake flour (Bags) 480 Q32,051 Q-342
Daily production of bread for the children
Hard flour sacks of hundredweight 120 Q34,231 Q120
Soft flour sacks of Hundredweight 36 Q0 Q8,984
Sugar (sacks) 48 Q14,466 Q-21
Butter boxes 48 Q0 Q7,046
Vitina pastry 24 Q0 Q5,109
Vitina pastelera 36 Q0 Q7,663
Salt Sacks 12 Q0 Q352
Yeast pounds 420 Q4,511 Q-1,428
Baking Powder pounds 180 Q0 Q1,321
Milk powder bag of 250 pounds 24 Q8,396 Q59
Powder Suger sack 12 Q0 Q1,762
Salary for cooks
Cook at baby house 14 Q0 Q44,290
First cook at the general kitchen 14 Q44,315 Q-25
Second cook at the general kitchen 14 Q0 Q44,290
General coordinator of the kitchen 14 Q0 Q48,503
Third cook at the general kitchen 14 Q0 Q44,290
Fourth cook at the general kitchen 14 Q0 Q44,290
Estimated Project Cost (GTQ) Q1,607,820 Q1,301,634 Q306,186

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.




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