General Questions

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  • How many children are in the NPH family?
  • Where are the NPH homes located?
  • What does Pequeño mean?
  • Are the children adoptable?
  • Do the children have contact with their families outside of NPH?
  • How old are children when they leave NPH?
  • Can I visit the NPH homes?
  • What is the Pequeño Tour?

Sponsorship Questions

  • May I write to my godchild?
  • May I send a gift to my child?
  • What is the Sharing Fund?
  • May I visit my godchild at the NPH home?
  • How long does my godchild need a Godparent?
  • Am I the only godparent to my godchild?
  • Does my donation go directly to my godchild?
  • If I send a letter to my child, how long does it take before I can get an answer?
  • How often do I get mail from my child?
  • Can I stay in touch with my child when they leave NPH?



Census and Statistics

Statistics of all NPH Homes over 2017:

3,159Fully supported children/youth
112New arrivals in our homes
797Children and women living with HIV that receive antiretrovirals
984Honduras Holy Family Surgery Center surgeries
6,124Honduras Holy Family Surgery Center consults
43University graduates (special note: 25 are female students!)
185High School graduates
2,479Children from low-income households and vulnerable neighborhoods that attend NPH schools
160NPH youths that earned a vocational certification
94Full-time volunteers from 22 countries
392Childcare staff received 20 trainings each
324Holy Sacraments (First Communion, Baptism, Confirmation)
143,270Services provided through community outreach programs

Medical Services

849Chronic conditions (children living in the homes)
51HIV (children living in the homes)
1,395Well child visits by doctors
2,566Vaccine doses
24Hospitalized (mostly for surgeries) others for emergencies (broken arms, and traumas)
41Child surgeries
74Seminars sessions on health education topics (more than 2,000 participants)
7,783Physician consults
10,674Nurse consults
8,436Therapies (PT, OT, Speech, Psychological)
1,268Dental services





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