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Christmas and Advent at NPH Guatemala
Jan. 2
Christmas time is family time at NPH Guatemala.
Celebrating Christmas in the Community
Dec. 15
The significance of christmas in rural Guatemala.
21 Years of Love and Care
Dec. 8
Marking the 21st year of caring for and educating youth in Guatemala
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Godparents Needed

I am Proud to be an Indigenous Girl
Jan. 31
Maite** is a young girl who sees the beauty in her Mayan culture.
The Year 2017 Through the Eyes of a Pequeño
Dec. 28
Louis*, an NPH Guatemala youth, shares his top 3 moments of 2017.
When Snow is Falling, Christmas is Near
Dec. 9
Christmas time is a symbol of peace for Narciso.
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  3,258 supported children
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  125 full time volunteers
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