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Our Voices: Victoria from NPH Guatemala
Jan. 28
Victoria was 10-years-old when she joined NPH. She now studies Business Administration while working at NPH Guatemala. In her Our Voices letter, she expresses her gratitude to donors, sponsors and caregivers.
NPH Guatemala Participates in TV Game-Show
Dec. 15
Staff from NPH Guatemala appeared on national television as participants on the prime-time family game-show Soñando en Familia – Dream In Family.
Our Voices: April from NPH Guatemala
Oct. 28
As part of the NPH Our Voices series, April from NPH Guatemala shares her thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic and the joys of reading letters from Godparents.
Leaving Guatemala amid COVID-19 lockdown
Apr. 9
A former Communications Officer recounts his experiences returning from the Central American country during lockdown due to COVID-19.
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Godparents Needed

Belén: Christmas with my NPH Guatemala Family
Dec. 15
Belén was sad to say goodbye to her grandmother when she first arrived at Casa San Andres over 10 years ago. Since then, NPH Guatemala has offered her a platform to turn her life around. In 2021, university beckons.
From Street Life to High School
Nov. 6
Living in a violent household forced Jon onto the streets. But when NPH Guatemala offered to give him a scholarship to re-start his education, he didn’t miss the opportunity.
Disability Won’t Dampen Maricruz’s Spirit or Quell Her Quest for Independence
Feb. 27
Intensive occupational and physical therapy plus a no-quit attitude have earned one adult with disabilities a better quality of life than she ever had before.
At NPH Guatemala, Christmas is all about Family
Dec. 6
A teenager recounts the joys of an NPH holiday and the spirit of sharing.
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Our Impact in 2019

  3,308 supported children
  166 new arrivals
  51 university graduates
  326 high school graduates
  59 full time volunteers
  512 Holy Sacraments
  107,749 services provided through community programs


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