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Leaving Guatemala amid COVID-19 lockdown
Apr. 9
A former Communications Officer recounts his experiences returning from the Central American country during lockdown due to COVID-19.
Year in Review: NPH Guatemala Strengthens Local Communities
Feb. 4
From building houses for volcano victims to building a childcare center for single mothers, see how NPH Guatemala continued to grow in 2019.
A Guatemalan Christmas with NPH OneFamily
Dec. 13
Christmas means food, family, and tradition in the Guatemalan Highlands.
Christmas dinner in Guatemala mixes traditions old and new
Dec. 12
Many Guatemalans make do with scarce resources during their holiday celebrations. The tamale is the ubiquitous regional dish, but many also embrace the simplicity and richness of plates like roasted pork.
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Disability Won’t Dampen Maricruz’s Spirit or Quell Her Quest for Independence
Feb. 27
Intensive occupational and physical therapy plus a no-quit attitude have earned one adult with disabilities a better quality of life than she ever had before.
At NPH Guatemala, Christmas is all about Family
Dec. 6
A teenager recounts the joys of an NPH holiday and the spirit of sharing.
"At NPH I reached my dream, and now I want to support others to reach their dreams, too"
Sep. 19
Creative and hardworking, Gladys is a woman who grew up in NPH and now she helps others to discover their talents and prepares them for a better future.
For one hermano mayor, NPH heals and changes mindset
Sep. 19
Amiltón Calel, a supervisor at a prominent agricultural firm, discusses how NPH heals emotional wounds and helps children break the cycle of poverty.
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  3,090 supported children
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  88 full time volunteers
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