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Please support NPH Mexico with the earthquake damage and the community.


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Celebrating Children's Day at NPH Guatemala
Nov. 5
Children had an amazing time with friends and staff on their very own day at NPH Guatemala.
Celebrating 196 Years of Independence in Guatemala
Oct. 24
The month of September stands for the Independence of Guatemala from the Spanish conquerors in 1821.
Preparing For Her Future Through Baking
Sep. 13
Learning important skills to use in life.
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Godparents Needed

University Student Embarks on a New Journey
Oct. 20
Darlyn is currently participating in the NPHI Seattle Institute Program. This interview is from right before she left Guatemala on this exciting journey.
Spending Time with Family
Oct. 17
Family Projects are incredible opportunities to gather family siblings, have a good time and share stories.
Education is Key to Escaping the Cycle of Poverty
Aug. 9
Clarita lives with her family near Parramos and loves attending Montessori School at NPH.
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Support a Project

Support Our Bakery Workshop Students
Jun. 22
Support our Home for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Apr. 25
Food for our children in Guatemala
Jan. 12
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  3,258 supported children
  118 new arrivals
  34 university graduates
  203 high school graduates
  125 full time volunteers
  423 Holy Sacraments
  100,068 services provided through community programs


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