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Meeting Mr. President

Jul. 26
A group from NPH Guatemala get to meet their country’s leader.
Sustainability at NPH Guatemala

Jul. 7
Taking up the Zero Hunger Challenge and creating economic, environmental and social sustainability.
Not Just Clowning Around

Jun. 25
Eso Es comes to NPH Guatemala - bringing Clown Therapy and lots of love and laughter.
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Godparents Needed

From University to the Farm - Applying Sustainability

Jul. 26
An NPH University Student is using what he's learning at university during his work at NPH
Building A Life

Jun. 24
A student who finds it difficult to communicate finds a place he can work and be happy.
Leaving Home

Jun. 20
How the security and safety of NPH helps one of our pequeños to leave the only home he's known.
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Salary For Our Teachers

May 10
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Our NPH homes provide children and youths with the preparation and education to lead peaceful lives and one day contribute to society in their own countries, where child labor and violence are very close and real threats.
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Our Impact in 2015

  3,442 children in our homes
  332 new arrivals
  35 university graduates
  203 high school graduates
  261 vocational certification
  58 children with HIV
  122 full-time volunteers
  631 holy sacraments

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